America’s Choice Children Center


List of Holidays for the Year of 2019


HOLIDAYS                                    DATE                                    DAY

NEW YEARS DAY                                 01-01-19                                       TUESDAY

MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY         01-21-19                                       MONDAY

GOOD FRIDAY                                     04-19-19                                       FRIDAY

MEMORIAL DAY                                 05-27-19                                       MONDAY

4TH OF JULY                                            07-04-19                                       THURSDAY

LABOR DAY                                           09-02-19                                       MONDAY

THANKSGIVING DAY                       11-28-19                                       THURSDAY

THANKSGIVING DAY                       11-29-19                                       FRIDAY

CHRISTMAS DAY                                12-25-19                                       WEDNESDAY

NEW YEARS DAY                                 01-01-20                                       WEDNESDAY