America’s Choice Childcare’s fun and exciting Summer Camp in Houston!


June Summer Camp Schedule  

We’ve designed the perfect summer camp for your child, complete with all the fun, enriching activities they love, and the important safety measures you expect.

If you’re looking for fun ways to spend your summer, look no further! America’s Choice Childcare is the perfect place for your child.
We will make sure that your child has a lot of fun
– playing/collaborating
– Reading/Writing activities
– Puppet Activity
– Movie and Pizza days
– Planting activity
– Lots of sporting activities
– Story Book Adventures
All care and precautions will be taken to keep the children and teacher safe and healthy.

July Summer Camp Schedule  

Daycare on Briar Forest in 77077Summer Camp Activities

Summer Camp for Infants in Houston – We stimulate the curiosity and develop the learning of even our smallest campers. We work on developing fine motor skills and discovering which toys float and which sink by playing with them in the water table

Summer Camp for Toddlers in Houston – Our teachers use a project-based approach to involve your child in directing their own learning and investigating topics they help choose. Children participate in activities focusing on language arts, math, science, technology, creative arts, drama, music, movement and character education.

Summer Camp for School Age kids – The project-based approach allows children to select their own learning experience as they explore topics that interest them. Teachers are encouraged to follow each child’s lead as they plan activities, like creating an art gallery or preparing a museum. Each child will arrange a culminating event or project and celebrate their work.

This is a great summer camp for toddlers in Houston. Everyone deserves a great summer, so we have an exciting Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten summer camp program for younger children, too! For 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds, weekly themed experiences include fun summer camp activities.

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